How it works


Prevent your content from falling through the cracks in the digital space by automating your online and mobile ad campaign execution. Through one interface, you can launch ad campaigns, manage website placements, match publishers with advertisers, and monitor audience engagement in real-time.



Generate higher revenue by maximizing bids for ad spots, increasing impressions, and gaining visitor insights. Control content with filters and blocking options as well as content category choices.


Actionable Insights

With A/B testing and alerts, you can redefine your content strategy with actionable insights.

Audience Exchange

Exchange traffic with Partners and third-party sites to drive more quality traffic.


Monetize video inventory at scale without sacrificing user experience.

Positive ROAS

Acquire new audiences through Palmcom’s massive audience network and track revenue per visit. Retarget for more conversions and increased ROAS.


Distribute your content to publishers with the right audience with precision targeting using advanced algorithms.

Brand Transparency

Obtain performance-driven data 24-7 to guide your strategy.

Scale up with the Right Technology Partner