Our Team

Agnes Holloway


Agnes Holloway worked her way up the corporate ladder to lead Palmcom. With her exceptional experience supervising content asset deals, optimizing pricing, and managing influencer and studio monetization teams, she leads her team with laser-sharp vision and business acumen.

Eleanor Santiago


Eleanor Santiago spent the last five years leading major IT and technology companies including EBCS Global and XSI Wireless, bring innovative ideas to the international market. A web wizard and financial genius, she manages Palmcom’s operations and finances with her signature big picture mentality.


Mark Fiallo

Head of Client success

Mark Fiallo is focused on implementing strategic plan for the Account Management department. his methods insists of driving product adoption, leading a positive customer experience, and driving growth through gross renewals and net retention improvements.

Bridget Waston

Video Demand Manager

Bridget Waston is an expert at developing new partnerships as well as negotiating and managing long-term business relationships. As the one responsible for anticipating and influencing customer demand for services, she ensures that server capacity meets the required demand.

Scott Janice

Publisher Manager

Scott Janice is dedicated to our publishers’ ultimate success and growth. Having worked internationally as a digital planner and account executive, he is intimately aware of the challenges that publishers face daily. Palmcom depends on Scott and his dynamic personality to manage optimization and upsells for our partners.

Hannah Castro

Brand Performance Marketing

Hannah Castro lives for data-driven brand marketing. She helps clients gain insights into their online marketing ROI using Palmcom’s powerful automated platform.

Martha Lindsey

Manager Video Operation

Martha Lindsey’s extensive past experience overseeing the execution of digital media campaigns enabled her to develop efficient processes and techniques for launch and campaign management. With her detail-oriented personality, she manages her team with focus and near perfection.

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